Meet The Team

You might not spot Pamatka at first. Unless there are treats on offer she is likely to be curled up in the comfiest spot, pretending to be fast asleep. As she is 10 years old she thinks she deserves to be treated with respect by the rest of the family. However, show her food - or her tracking harness - and she acts like a youngster again.

Tomáš is definitely boss dog. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, and when the team are out together he wears an orange collar with a bell so that he can be seen and heard - wherever Tomáš is, the others will be close by because he will go and round them up if they stray too far away. He is 7 years old, and is Pamatka's son

Anika is the pretty one who likes to spend most of the day sitting on the table and being made a fuss of by all the visitors. When she was young she was known as the Asbo Kid, then (as she isn't very bright) as the Blonde Bimbo, but she has matured to become an excellent mother who has had lovely children - even if she is still a bit scatty at times! She is nearly 6 years old, and is Tomáš' daughter.

At first glance Anja and Anika look very similar, and they are known as the 'A' team as they are often seen together, but whereas Anika is pretty, but a bit dim, Anja is a real tomboy who prefers being scruffy and dirty - and has brains for the two of them. She is in training to become a qualified blood tracking dog. She is 4 years old and only distantly related to the others.

Xaver is the cuddly one - it's amazing how many visitors come up to our stand and immediately want to give Xaver a cuddle! He is so laid back that he often goes to sleep on the table, usually flat on his back, although he is still quite happy to receive lots of cuddles and strokes. He is just 3 years old and is Anika's son.

Unlike her brother Xaver, Xanthe is on the go all the time. She is another one with brains, and she too is enjoying her tracking training. When she's out in the forest she has her nose to the ground all the time, but when we are at the shows she loves to greet everyone, especially small children, and she can often be seen rolling on her back for a tummy tickle.

Another of Anika's kids, Daisy lives with Chris McIvor, but is a valuable member of TEAM RIDLEY and can often be seen out and about with the rest of the gang. She is 4 years old.

You will probably be able to pick DoDo out quite easily, as this is how she spends a lot of her time! DoDo is a very curious girl who loves to be at the centre of attention. She was born in Denmark, and is a daughter of Anika's sister, whilst her father is Pamatka's half-brother - so she's very much 'family'. DoDo is visiting the UK for a little while, and we are hoping for the patter of tiny paws in the new year - so keep checking, as there may be another (very cute) new member of Team Ridley for 2018!

Come and meet us all at the Living Heritage Country Fairs. Details are on the News page.