On the Road

TEAM RIDLEY works hard - and plays hard too. We couldn't manage without a little help from our friends, and these are some of the wonderful people that help to keep us happy! Most of them are small, UK based companies, and we think they deserve your support.

The bells that we wear on our collars come from Altawash Falconry - good quality, a nice sound, and excellent service!

Everybody admires the fabulous banners that decorate our stand at the shows. They come from Banner Buzz and the guys there are so helpful - they print our stuff so well, and send it back to us very quickly.

We are a pretty healthy lot, but even we can have the occasional off day, and we are very pleased that if we aren't well we have Richard and the wonderful team at Black Sheep Vets to make us better again.

They even do a good line in treats!

During the summer we travel many miles across the country in our car, and it is very important that we are safe and comfortable. Car Shades fitted to the windows mean that we are never sitting in direct sunlight.

Food is VERY IMPORTANT to us Cesky Terriers. When we are on our travels, we make sure that our CSJ is packed! That'll Do for us!

Being in the public eye can be quite tiring, so we rely on Dorwest Herbs to give us that little extra oomph to keep us in tip top condition.

When we are out and about in bad weather we rely on our Equafleece Tankies to keep us warm and dry.

We love to go tracking, and Fleece Dog Harnesses are just the thing to keep us comfortable in the forest. They come in lots of colours, and are pretty cool for canines living in the city too!

Living Heritage supports lots of minority breeds like Cesky Terriers. They give us a tent so that we can meet people, and invite us to parade in the main ring as well. Everybody there is very friendly, and we like them a lot.

We use Neem Bark Powder from Pointy Faces to keep our teeth clean and white. That may not sound very exciting, but it tastes good mixed with coconut oil, so we like having our teeh cleaned! They sell lots of other nice things like supplements to go on your food as well, so it's worth going to have a look!

Every dog should wear a collar tag with their owner's name and address on it - that's the law. We have very smart ones made by PS Pet Tags which have the Czech flag on them - because we are Czech Terriers! But you can get them in lots of other designs too.

Out in the countryside there are nasty things called ticks which can bite dogs (and humans) and make us very ill, but we don't worry about them because we use Tick Off from Vita Canis. It doesn't have any nasty chemicals in it, and works really well - and makes us smell nice too.