The Game Fair

held this year at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire
We had a very busy three days at the Game Fair. This is a very big event, with lots to see and do. We all managed to have a little walk round part of the show, as we had our friend Evie with us, and she took us all out in turns. We also met a new friend called Radley. He was a very pleasant young chap, and he brought his owner Louise along with him. She was very nice too. Hopefully they will come along to some more shows later in the year.

Louise and Radley

We were a bit disappointed because we didn't get to do a parade this year. We like to have the opportunity to let everyone see us, not just those who come specially to find the terriers - but we were very busy 'meeting and greeting' so perhaps there wasn't time.

There was a lot of rain over the weekend but it was mostly at night, so it didn't spoil things for the visitors, even though it was very muddy underfoot. Although we were camping we managed to stay warm and dry, even in the thunderstorm. We did get muddy on our way to and from the campsite to the show. We were glad of our Equafleece Tankies! When we got home they were soon in the wash, so that they are ready for our next outing!