Lincolnshire Greyhound Gathering

Greyhounds Galore!
We spent a lovely sunny day in Louth, as an 'added attraction' at the Lincolnshire Greyhound Gathering, a very special event to raise money for the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust, who do great work in finding wonderful homes for ex-racing Greyhounds. We had a mini display, and spent most of our time lazing in the shade, with the occasional walkabout to see what was on offer - naturally our favourites were the stalls selling dog food, although ice cream and burgers both came pretty high on the list too!

We had some nice people next to us selling Husse, which is a dog food made in Sweden, and Anja spent most of the day trying to persuade them to slip her a few free samples!

She did manage to get us some samples of another food which had salmon, trout, sweet potato and asparagus in it. When we are at home we prefer raw food, but as we go away a lot we sometimes have kibble - this one sounded pretty yummy to us!

Hopefully the event made lots and lots of money - and as you can see, there really were Greyhounds Galore!