Cheshire Game Fair

A glorious Bank Holiday weekend!
The Cheshire Game and Country Fair is our busiest Living Heritage event so we were very pleased to welcome some friends to help us out.

Jayne is Anja's breeder, and she brought along Anja's mum, as well as her half brother and niece - who is also a cousin to Xaver and Xanthe - so I guess you could say it was a family get-together!

The weather was beautiful all weekend, almost too hot on Sunday, when we spent most of our time asleep in the shade, just coming out to talk to people from time to time.

We love to get cuddles and strokes from all the visitors, but when we hear someone speaking Czech (like this lady) we are especially happy. Xaver was the lucky boy who had a special Czech greeting this time.

Because we are such a rare breed, we are always especially pleased to see other Cesky Terriers. Gohann brought Shannon along to say hello. He's another cousin and lives with Shannon and her mum, Grace.

Only a couple of weeks to wait, and we will be at our very favourite show - at Sandringham House, in Norfolk.

Maybe the Queen will come and say hello!