Burghley Game and Country Fair

One of our favourites
Burghley this year was hot and sunny. We had a full team, with Paul, Evie and Patrick helping on Sunday, along with our friend Celeste and her three puppies. They are Tomaš’s children and he was very pleased to see them! On Monday our friend Chris came, and brought Daisy with her. We were very busy both days, with lots of nice people to talk to.

Paul and Celeste telling some of our visitors all about our breed.

We like to watch the displays in the arena when we aren't talking to our visitors. We especially like the Burne Bloodhounds. They are always so smart, lovely black and tan hounds and the Master in his uniform.

We had to cancel our Breed Parade on Sunday afternoon as some bees had decided to take up residence in the brashings used for the gundog display! However a lady came along dressed like a spaceman and she took them off to a new home.

Our next Living Heritage show will be the Cheshire Game Fair at the end of August. In the meantime, you will be able to meet us at The Game Fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire in July.