The Game Fair

The biggest event of the year
This year the Game Fair was held at Ragley Hall. It is a huge event and as always the Terrier Pavilion was busy all three days. Paul brought our friend Celeste and 3 puppies. Cilla and Ludo are Tomas' children, whilst Hana is a new little girl from Poland. All three were very well behaved and enjoyed meeting lots of people. The first day the weather was VERY hot and we were grateful to the organisers for giving us a great big fan to keep us cool. We also had a paddling pool behind our tent, so we went in there to cool off from time to time.

The other two days were cooler, and on Saturday afternoon there was a thunderstorm and lots of rain - but we all stayed nice and dry, even if some of our visitors got a bit wet!

Each day we took part in the Breed Parade with all the other terriers.