Cheshire Game and Country Fair

Typical Bank Holiday weather
After all the lovely weather we've had this summer it was a shame that our visit to Cheshire co-incided with rain, thunder and cold wind! But there was some sunshine too, and we had the company of some good friends so it was a very enjoyable weekend in spite of the weather.

Very excited about meeting the public was this pretty little girl who is called Daphne. She came to make up our numbers, because Tomas was spending the weekend with her owner - and another Cesky girl called Blanche. Who knows? There might be some Cesky babies in time. Daphne had a great time with us. She loved camping and soon got into the swing of things.

We also had the company of our Jersey friends for the weekend. They have helped out at a Living Heritage show before, so they already knew what to do. As you can see, they were ready for action each morning!

We'll be back to meet our public on September 8th and 9th at Sandringham in Norfolk. Who knows, the Queen might just drop by!