Wiltshire Game & Country Fair

Another beautiful venue
The weather wasn't too kind to us at Bowood on Saturday, but we had lots of company as Carol brought our friends Bess, Bunty and Blanche for the day, and we also renewed acquaintance with young Silas whom we met for the first time at Bowood last year. He was only a puppy then, but has grown up into a fine young man - and his owner Amanda is pretty nice too.

Even though the weather was bad, it didn't stop people enjoying themselves. A few drops of rain don't stop the Manchesters and the ETTs - they love their terrier racing.

Us? We think it's pretty stupid to chase across a field in the rain in pursuit of a plastic bag!

Next week we are off to the Three Counties Showground for the Malvern Autumn Show, then to Essex for the last of this year's outdoor shows.