Essex Country Show

The last outdoor show of the season
The weather in Essex wasn't very good, really cold and wet on Saturday so Xanthe was very glad of her new Equafleece jacket. It's always sad when it is raining. People work so hard to make the show a success, but not many people came to see us, and there was hardly anybody watching the acts in the World of Dogs Arena.

Sunday was better, the rain had gone away and the sun was out, and our flags were flying strongly in the wind. We met some lovely people. Some of them had come to see us last year, and returned to say hello. It's always really nice when that happens.

Overnight on Saturday there was a really bad storm, but we weren't worried. As you can see, when all the visitors had gone home, we were snuggled up warm in our campervan!

Essex was our last Living Heritage Show, but we will be back next year. In the meantime we will be at the National Pet Show at the NEC in November. This is a huge event with lots to see and do - do come along and find us! #teamridleyontour