The Game Fair

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

We arrived on Thursday. It was the hottest day of the year, so we set off very early in the morning to avoid travelling in the daytime heat. When we arrived we were very glad of our Equafleece T-shirts - soaked in cold water they kept up cool, although we were very careful to stay in the shade of the awning and sleep on our cool mats. We allowed the boss to go and set up the stand on her own, as it was much too hot for us to walk all the way to the Terrier Pavilion. Fortunately she got a lift with a lady who has Manchester Terriers, so she didn't have to carry everything up there - it was quite a walk!

That evening there was a thunderstorm, and more thunder, lightning and rain when we woke up next morning. We know that some dogs are frighened by thunder, but it doesn't bother us, and anyway it was soon over. It rained on and off all day - on when we went out to do the first of our breed parades, so the humans got very wet!

Our good friend Evie was with us all weekend - here she is with Xanthe, Xaver and Anika.

Usually, at the Game Fair, we are rushed off our paws with all the visitors. This year the Terrier Pavilion was tucked right out of the way and not many people found us. However, we did get to do two parades each day, one in the Lurcher ring, and the other in the Horse and Hound ring, so we were seen by a lot of people. Here are Megan, Louise and Evie with Radley, Tomas, Anika and Xanthe in the parade on Saturday.

On Saturday it rained nearly all day - we walked to the show in our Equafleece Tankies, which kept off the worst of the rain and the mud, but by the end of the day we were all wearing a mud edging to our skirts! Sunday morning it was still raining, but it did dry up during the day.

It's a lot of hard work doing a show like this, so the boss is always grateful that other people come along to help her. This year she had Paul and Caroline on Friday, and Louise, Megan and Darren on Saturday - whilst we were pleased to see their Cesky Terriers, Remi and Radley. Remi is a serious working dog, whilst Radley is an ace fooballer!