Cheshire Game Fair

It was hot!
The Cheshire Game Fair is the busiest of the Living Heritage events, taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend. This year it was very hot and we had to take care to keep in the shade as much as possible.

We had lots of visitors, including a very nice puppy called Otis who brought his family along to see us. He is Tomáš's son, and has a smashing famiy - his two small people came into our pen and sat on the table with us!

R: Otis and family meet Tomáš

Our Jersey friends came to help us again. Ivan made friends with a lady in a wheelchair. Because she couldn't get close enough to talk to us, he went to sit on her knee, so she could give him a special extra cuddle.

Then we all had fun, seeing how many of us could fit on the table together. Can you work it out?

Next we'll be off to Sandringham in Norfolk.