The National Pet Show

Team Ridley and friends
We had lots of fun at the National Pet Show - but we worked hard too!

Lots of people came to see us. Some had never heard of our breed, so we showed them how lovely we are. We had our new team member, Dora, with us. She is only a baby, so she only spent a little time meeting the public, then she went for a rest in her own little quiet space - it's tiring being admired by so many people! In the afternoon Dora and Silas took Amanda onto the Canine Catwalk, where Dora stole the show. She is such a happy, confident puppy and we are all very proud of her.

In this photo you can see Amanda with Silas and Dora, as well as Christine who brought some of our Jersey friends over for the weekend. On the table, modelling her Jersey bandana is Saffy.

On Sunday, it was the turn of the Jersey girls to take to the catwalk. They told everyone about Flint who is a Therapy dog, going into schools to listen to children reading, and about what fun it is to do agility - we Cesky Terriers can turn our paws to anything, you know.

They had brought their friend Yakira with them. She was very nice and helped in lots of ways - especially seeing that we all walked back to the Ceskymobile safely at the end of each day. We hope she will come to some more shows next year.

Lots and lots of small people come to the shows. They all like to stroke us, and especially they like to brush us. We are always very good, and sit still for them!

This is the last of our shows for this year - but do check back from time to time to see what we are getting up to. See you all in 2020!