Sadness - and Joy!

Heartache and hope
One of the things that humans have to accept is that we dogs don't live as long as they do, and when the time comes that we are old and tired and life is a burden to us we have to say goodbye.

Ridley Radmila (23/2/2009 - 24/5/2021)

Mila (Ridley Radmila) lived a long and happy life with Zoe and her family and they were very sad when she left them. They know that no other dog can ever replace Mila in their hearts, but because they needed cheering up, and a little grey dog to hug and to lick away their tears, Olexa volunteered to go and stay a while.

Although we all miss her, we are very happy for Olexa and her new family. She has big paws to fill, and although Mila will never be forgotten, we are sure that Olexa will help to ease the hurt. She seems to have settled in really well - we're not sure that she will be coming back as she seems to be enjoying the life of a 'special one'!

Some people say that a dog is just a pet - but we know that being 'just a pet' is the most important job we dogs can do.

Zoe and Olexa