A new friend....

and a new walk
We are very lucky because we live in a beautiful part of the country, called the Lincolnshire Wolds, and the other day our new friend Merlin took the girls, Anika and Xanthe, on his favourite walk. Merlin is a Greyhound and has very long legs, but he likes to walk quite slowly so that, even with our little legs, we can keep up with him quite easily.

The farmer here has left wide verges round the edges of all his fields, especially so that well-behaved dogs can enjoy this peaceful spot. The humans appreciate the lovely open spaces and, whilst we have to stay on our leads, we don't mind because the boss gives us plenty of time to explore all the wonderful scents, so that we can work out which animals have been around recently.

There was one spot where we wanted to stop and sniff for a long time.

We are used to the scent of rabbits, as we have them living in our garden, although they always run away when we go out to play! This new smell wasn't rabbit, but was a little bit similar, and Merlin told us that the hares had been that way - and if we were lucky we might see one. But we didn't. Maybe because the hares know that Greyhounds chase hares! To make up for the missing hares, here's a photo of one of the rabbits in our garden. It isn't very clear because the boss had to take it through the window so that the rabbit didn't disappear! It looks to be quite a well-fed rabbit, but the boss says she doesn't mind having them as lodgers, as long as the rabbits don't eat her plants in the kitchen garden.