Living Heritage

TEAM RIDLEY on duty!

At our first show, at Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire, in 2015 we had just a few photographs to attract the visitors.

Then we acquired a big yellow banner, so that everyone could find us....

some smart new fencing..... and more photographs.

.....a Czech flag....

...and some more banners!

These lovely banners, made for us by Banner Buzz, are eyecatching, and withstand the rain. This means that whatever the weather, our stand still looks good - even if we sometimes get a bit bedraggled!

At most of the shows we get the opportunity to parade in the arena. We always do our best to walk nicely and show how well behaved we can be!

We love meeting people! Go to the Photo Gallery to see some of the friends we have made.

You can find the dates of the 2020 Living Heritage shows here.