The Pet Show

Another big event
The National Pet Show takes place at the NEC in Birmingam each November. It is very busy, and we have the whole team there. Silas, Dora, Daisy and Eliska come to help us, along with their people Amanda and Chris, and sometimes the Jersey crew are there as well. They live on an island and have to travel by boat to get to us. They say that sometimes, especially in November, it can be very rough - but they are all good sailors so they don't worry about it. We've all been on boats too, but we usually go in the summer when the weather is nice - so we think they are quite brave to come over in the winter.

We get to meets lots of people - sometimes they know what breed we are, but often they say, "Oh, I've never heard of these before" to which our people always tell pople that this is why we're here, so everyone can learn how wonderful we are!

Every day we get to go on the Canine Catwalk . The first time we did it, we thought there might be some cats around, but we were wrong. We get to walk around and show ourselves off and a nice lady asks all about us. Then a man tells the audience how to groom us. We think this is a very good idea, because sometimes people don't realise that we dogs like to be tidy and smart just like people do.

As you can see, when we go to the Pet Show our humans swap their 'Ridley green' and wellies for smart pink polo shirts!

The 2021 National Pet Show will be held on 31st October - 1st November. Do put that date in you diary and come and say hello! There's plenty to see and do - not just dogs, but lots of other animals too.